Nature site "Gletscherblick"

Accessible from the Kreuzjoch mountain station

Hikers and mountaineers who arrive here at the glacier view natural scene have reached what is probably one of the best vantage points in the Stubai Valley.

If you look around you will immediately see that the term “glacier view” could hardly have been chosen more appropriately. All around you have a clear view of some of the most important peaks of the valley and the mighty glacier fields, which are called “Ferner” in Tyrolean. Looking east you can see the Habicht, where the Mischbachferner reaches just below the summit, almost exactly like the Grünauferner near the Wilder Freiger - a little further to the right of the Habicht. In the south, the Zuckerhütl, Wilder Freiger and Wilder Pfaff rise. Below the flank of the Zuckerhütl, the Sulzenauferner, the largest glacier in the Stubai Alps, pushes down into the valley. It is also he who gives the entire valley its alpine character and is already visible at the entrance to the Stubai Valley. Its bluish, wavy icefall, which flows into a glacial lake, is particularly impressive.

By the beginning of the 21st century, the Sulzenauferner had merged with the Fernerstube - another glacier that flows down from the west side of the Wilder Liberer. The Brennerspitze rises in the middle of the field of vision and to the right of it the mighty Alpeiner Ferner, above the Franz-Senn-Hütte, forms the end of the Oberbergtal valley.

Round tour (Schlick 2000 mountain station) - Sennjoch - Starkenburger Hütte - Kaserstattalm - Froneben alm - middle or valley station Schlick 2000)

Start- and end pointt: Schlick 2000 mountain station, Kreuzjoch (2,136 m)
Walking time: 4 hours
Difference in altitude: 400 m
Refreshment stops: Panorama restaurant Kreuzjoch (2,136 m), Sennjochhütte (2,225 m), Starkenburger Hütte (2,237 m), Kaserstattalm (1,890 m), Brugger Alm (1,350 m), Froneben Alm (1,306 m)


The tour starts at the Kreuzjoch mountain station, which can be reached with the Schlick 2000 mountain railway. There are numerous free parking spaces at the valley station. The Schlick 2000 mountain railway is reached via the village of Fulpmes. Direct bus connections to Fulpmes.


From the Kreuzjoch mountain station, hike along the leisurely ascending Panorama Trail in the direction of Starkenburger Hütte (signs: Starkenburger Hütte - Panorama Trail) until you reach the Sennjochhütte after about 30 minutes. There you follow the signs in the direction of the Starkenburger Hütte. The trail leads up over the ridge and then branches off to the left. The trail then descends slightly to the next junction. There you turn right and follow the short but steeply ascending trail until you finally reach the "Gletscherblick" nature site at the highest point. The benches at the nature site invite you to take a break and enjoy the view of the Stubai mountains from one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Stubai Valley. From the "Gletscherblick" nature spot, you can already see the Starkenburger Hütte. After a short descent, this is reached after a total walking time of approx. 2 hours. Return to the middle station of the Schlick 2000 via the Kaserstattalm and from there to the Brugger Alm or Froneben Alm. You should plan another 2 hours for the way back. Alternatively, you can also hike back to the mountain station.