Discover the Abendweide (evening pasture), let your soul dangle and sharpen your senses. In addition to the varied adventure trails in the Schlick 2000 hiking centre, the resting stations at the Abendweide provide relaxation and make you want to discover something new.

Life on the alpine pasture follows an orderly path - the animals sense this too. They are out and about in the alpine pasture area all day long. In the late afternoon, when the sun begins to set, you return to the alpine hut on your own. "Evening pasture" is what this area is called.

The evening pasture in the Schlick 2000 is the ideal place to simply "come down" in harmony with nature. The resting places on the Abendweide with very creative benches, swings, etc. invite families and hikers to sharpen their senses and discover new things and - in between all the exciting trails - to simply let your soul dangle.

Important info

Character: easy wall trail, ideal for children, families and hikers of all kinds