Stubai Baumhausweg

Large and small visitors alike will be welcomed by Bardin at the half-way station of the Kreuzjochbahn cable car in the Schlick 2000 ski resort. The dwarf marks the entrance to the forest covering an area of almost 5,000 m², through which the Baumhausweg passes on an easily accessible route, suitable for prams and pushchairs. On the roughly two-hour hike from the half-way station to Vergör and back again, the ascent is only about 100 metres. And, of course, a few more than that if you add climbing up to the seven spectacular tree houses along the way.

World of adventure between forest floor and treetops

Each one of the tree houses is dedicated to a different theme connected to where the dwarf lives. The local adventure workshop, "naturidea", has put the idea into practice with great care and attention to detail. The result is a colourful world of adventure between forest floor and tree tops.

If you follow the newly-laid path from the half-way station to Froneben, you will reach the first tree house, the Dwarf Playground, not far from the cable car station . Here, little dwarves can practise climbing and crawling on the zip line, the rope bridge and the net tunnel . The wooden structure is accessible from the path via a bridge. A platform is reached via a tunnel and a zip line is located in the main house.

Next along the path is the Dwarf Treasure Trove. Walkways run between the path, the tree house and the trees. The facade of the wooden structure is decorated with lots of little dwarf faces . With some of them, you can be a dwarf yourself for a little while when you look out from the inside. It’s the best point for a short photo stop! The treasures such as amethyst, quartz and fool's gold glitter colourfully in the sun. A dwarf telephone also provides much entertainment. Following this, a slide takes you back under the bridge and onto the path, with just a short detour to the double rope swing.

From here it's on to the Dwarf Kitchen. The wooden structure resembles a little witch's cottage and offers various ways of transporting the fruits of the forest from the ground safely into the dwarf's pantry. These can be sorted and stored there. A slide, a climbing pole and a ladder offer a choice of ways for getting back down to the ground.

With so much action, it's time for things to get a bit quieter. After climbing up, you reach the Dwarf's Bedroom. This station is designed as a swinging house - a very special type of tree house thanks to the rope bracing of the diamond-shaped wooden structure, visitors suddenly find themselves in a large swing that gently rocks them to sleep if they don't watch out. Then after a good rest, it's quickly and energetically back onto solid ground by swinging on the ropes.  

If you continue along the path, you will soon see a honeycomb-like structure peeping out from between the trees. The Dwarf Workshop Is a very special tree house: an airy wooden structure around a tree trunk has been created using short planks. Through the many spaces, the sunlight draws colourful patterns on the ground. Pick-a-sticks with branches and wooden building blocks encourage young and old in an instructive way to try their hand at building their own structures.

Exciting treasure hunts at lofty heights

In addition to numerous opportunities for playing, rampaging and climbing, the adventure trail also includes a treasure hunt. Because Dwarf Bardin has hidden a magic symbol in each of his tree houses. The intention is to find them and mark them with a nipper on the treasure map that is available at the entrance to take along with you. In this way, even very small children can take part in the treasure hunt.

In the alpine inn at Vergör, at the Bruggeralm, the Froneben Alm and the Schlick 2000 valley station, the completed treasure map can be exchanged for a small surprise from Bardin's treasure trove.

Important info

Character: family-friendly, easily accessible path, suitable for prams and pushchairs