Climbing practice area in the Schlick 2000

Discover the Alpine Adventure Park

With the construction of the Alpine Adventure Park near the Kreuzjoch mountain station, a climbing practice area was created for all skill levels. The via ferratas of the alpine adventure park hold the right challenge for beginners and advanced climbers alike .

Detailed information on the Kreuzjoch via ferrata in the Schlick 2000 can be found at

High difficulty level

Route length 15 m
Only when supervised and wearing suitable equipment

Protected site including overnight accommodation

Hiking on narrow ridges
Length 700 m, requires surefootedness and no fear of heights!

Route length 30 m per via ferrata
Training trail, ideal preparation for the Große Ochsenwand

up to difficulty level 7
The Arco of the Schlick - for specialists only!

25 m at the Kreuzjoch south side

40 m rope length, the highlight of the climbing park

Please note:

Climbing via ferrata trails is permitted for skilled climbers and/or under supervision only!

Climbing and using via ferrata trails presupposes climbing experience and/or knowledge of climbing safety basics. In addition to that wearing appropriate safety equipment (consisting of climbing harness, climbing set, helmet etc.) is obligatory.

You will receive the equipment as well as an introduction to the basic concepts of climbing up to the specialisation in the Bergsteigerschule Sepp Rettenbacher.