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Sunnenseit'n Weg

On the sunny side of the Stubai, hikers can discover cultural and scenic diversity while enjoying a generous view of the valley. Always facing the sun, the Sunnenseit'n Trail leads from the Froneben middle station (1,362 m) in the Schlick 2000 via Vergör to the Pfurtschellhöfen and on to Kartnall. The total length of the trail, which runs between approx. 1,250 and 1,350 m above sea level and connects the villages of Neustift and Fulpmes, is approx. 8 km. One of the highlights of the Sunnenseit'n Trail is the suspension bridge, which spans 110 m and runs up to 50 m above the ground.

Above the suspension bridge, a platform has also been created with the natural site "Neustiftblick", from which you can admire the third largest municipality in Tyrol, which focuses on the second largest village church in Tyrol from the 18th century.
The Pfurtschell and Kartnall farms along the way, where today tourism and agriculture ensure the livelihood of the families, are also part of the valley's history. Protected from floods, mudslides and avalanches, the sunny side of the Stubai has been farmed by farmers since the Middle Ages, as it is better suited to agricultural use than the shady side (called the "Nederseite" by locals).

> Here you can find the exact route description from the Schlick 2000 middle station to Fulpmes