Snowparks in the Schlick 2000

Here you can really let off steam!

Snowboarders and freestylers can really let off steam in the Schlick 2000. The Schlick 2000 Stubai Park at the Sennjoch piste was designed under the expert guidance of Stubai scene riders and thrills with perfectly shaped obstacles. The kickers and rails challenge you to exciting runs and great tricks.

The Free Nature Park is located at the end of the valley. The natural snow park is very popular with young and old and attracts with a natural half pipe as well as various gullies and small cornices where you can practice your first tricks. The riding experiences in the Free Nature Park are not only fun, but also train coordination and balance.

Whether in the Schlick Stubai Park or in the Free Nature Park - the unique mountain world in the Schlick 2000 Ski Centre is the ideal filming location for snowboard and freestyle videos. Because the tricks and runs look particularly spectacular against the backdrop of the imposing Kalkkögel. Every video becomes an eye-catcher here!