Lake "Schlick"

Accessible from the Schlick 2000 mountain station Kreuzjoch

At around 3,900 square meters, the smallest of the nine Stubai mountain lakes, the Stubai High Trail runs from the Starkenburger Hütte towards the Franz-Senn-Hütte. If you look down from the Seejöchl to the Schlicker See, you can see very precisely the border between the dolomite of the Kalkkögel and the Ötztal-Stubai-Kristallin. Here, the extensive, chipped limestone debris heaps run out into the soft, lush green tops of the silicate. At this geological border area there is a hotspot of plant biodiversity that is second to none.

The Schlicker See is already completely embedded in the sedate block fields of the silicate. There are always marmots between the crevices of these boulders. With loud whistles, the animals warn the numerous members of their colony of unwanted intruders. The small underwater world of the lake is enlivened by the char, which rely on insects for food and therefore remain small. Nevertheless, these survivors multiply continuously and form a stable population today.

Round trip (Mountain station KREUZJOCH - SENNJOCH - SCHLICKER SEE (Lake) - STARKENBURGER HÜTTE - SENNJOCH - Mountain Station Kreuzjoch)

Start and end point: Schlick 2000 mountain station (Kreuzjoch) (2,136 m)
Walking time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty level: difficult
Difference in altitude: 765 m
Refreshment stops: Sennjochhütte (2,225 m), Starkenburger Hütte (2,237 m), Schlick 2000 panorama restaurant (2,136 m)

Direct bus connection to Fulpmes. There are also numerous free parking spaces at the Schlick 2000 valley station.

From the Kreuzjoch mountain station, hike the moderately rising panorama path towards the Starkenburger Hütte. After the Sennjochhütte, follow the signs to Hoher Burgstall. The path leads up over the ridge, branches off to the right and passes under the south wall of the Niedere Burgstall. Shortly thereafter, the trail branches off to the right in the direction of Schlicker Schartl. From there it is about 15 minutes to the Schlicker See. The total walking time to Schlicker See is approx. 2.5 hours. The way back is on the Stubai High Trail in the direction of the Starkenburger Hut. Shortly before the hut, turn left and follow the path back to Sennjochhütte and from there to the Schlick 2000 mountain station. The way back takes about 2 hours.