Nature site "Gschmitz"

Accessible from the intermediate station Froneben

The expression Gschmitz translates as “strip mowing”, ie “mowed strip”. This results from the fact that the otherwise densely forested part between the Vergör and Pfurtschell corridors has been interrupted by sections of agricultural meadows.

These meadows were created by slash and burn. However, the larch trees that predominate here are only externally burned and were able to sprout again the following year, thus ensuring their continued existence to this day. The oldest larches in Gschmitz are up to 400 years old. Another explanation of the origin of the name could be traced back to the blacksmithing, which was very popular in Fulpmes and which is still one of the largest branches of industry in the region.

Many of the blacksmiths located in Fulpmes used to run self-sufficiency farming and for this they created the fields and meadows near Gschmitz.


Round trip (middle station Schlick 2000 - Vergör - Gschmitz - valley station Schlick 2000)

Starting point: Schlick 2000 middle station (1,350 m) End point: Schlick 2000 valley station (1,000 m)
Walking time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: medium
Difference in altitude: 260 m
Refreshments stops: Froneben Alm (1,350 m), Bruggeralm mountain restaurant (1,350 m), Alpengasthof Vergör (1,300 m)


Direct bus connection to Fulpmes. There are also numerous free parking spaces at the Schlick 2000 valley station.


From the Schlick 2000 middle station, follow the almost flat forest path in the direction of Vergör. After about 30 minutes, turn left into a narrower forest path and follow this until the forest clears after a further 20 minutes' walk. From there it is only a short walk to the Gasthof Vergör, which invites you to rest with Tyrolean delicacies. We continue into the valley on an initially steeply sloping forest path that leads directly to Gschmitz. After around 30 minutes you will reach the idyllic larch meadows. The platform, which is only a few meters above three hay barns, offers a wonderful panoramic view of Serles, Elfer, Habicht and the Pinnistal. The same route takes you back to the Alpenasthof Vergör. A forest path leads from Vergör, gently descending, back in about 1 hour to the Schlick 2000 valley station.