Disc trail

The Disc Trail is a special motivation not only for children and young people. Equipped with a disc, the path's wooden companion, hikers can race it. The wooden disc rolls along the gutters at the edge of the path and has to be used by the visitors at tricky stations. The challenge here is to ensure that the disc does not fall to the ground. This beautifully designed trail leads through the spruce forest from the panorama lake to the Froneben middle station and provides exciting whirling fun for the whole family.

There are 3 ways to get to the starting point:

  1. Ascent to the Kreuzjoch mountain station, then descent to the panorama lake (walking time downhill approx. 1:30 h)
  2. Ascent to the Froneben middle station, from there slight ascent to the panorama lake (walking time uphill approx. 45 min)
  3. Ascent with the Galtberg cable car to the mountain station. From there, take the new lake trail downhill to the panorama lake (walking time downhill approx. 1 hour)

The wooden disc can be rented at the ticket office of the valley station for € 2,- (plus € 2,- deposit). The disc can be returned to the ticket office at the valley station by 5.00 pm.

Important info

Character: familyfriendly and buggy-fit