Information for ski tourers

Anyone who knows the Schlick 2000 also knows the relatively narrow valley descent. You can imagine that it is quite "exciting" for an inexperienced skier to make his way down to the valley. If there are also ski tourers heading towards the middle station, dangerous situations can quickly arise. For this reason we ask for your understanding that the valley run no. 16 is not available for ski tourers.

We ask all ski tourers to use one of the following ascent variants to the Froneben middle station:
Ascent via the Plövener Loch (Attention! Only very limited parking possibilities!).
VARIANT 2: Ascent with the gondola to the middle station and from there ascent with the touring skis


NEW FROM WINTER 23-24: Ascent to the Galtalm via the new winter hiking trail Galtalm - this is also suitable for ski tourers and starts at the mid-station Froneben.
The sunny trail starts at the Froneben middle station, passes the Bruggeralm and ends at the Galtalm. Walking time approx. 1 hour (approx. 320 hm). As a special highlight, the ski touring/hiking trail leads under the ski slope by means of an underground tunnel. After a leisurely stop for refreshments, the descent takes place via piste no. 13 to the middle station and then continues via valley descent no. 16 to the Schlick 2000 valley station.

Preise inkl. Nutzung der Infrastruktur

Ski touring ticket

Infrastruktur: Parkplatz, WC-Anlagen, etc.
  adult child (2009 - 2013) youth (2005 - 2008) senior (1939 - 1958)
valley station - middle station € 18,40 € 9,80 € 15,60 € 15,60
Bottom station - top station € 28,40 € 15,10 € 24,10 € 24,10

Please note the weather and avalanche situation. Current information on the avalanche warning level can be found here.