Informationen for ski tourers

Anyone who knows the Schlick 2000 also knows the relatively narrow valley descent. As an inexperienced skier, you can imagine that it is quite "exciting" to make your way down into the valley.

Imagine you are skiing for the first time ever or after a long break and you are struggling accordingly. You learned today from your ski instructor or your acquaintance that the pizza slice is not just something to eat. With the right flexibility, it can quickly become half of a pizza ... This happens rather rarely, but it is not impossible. Accordingly, you need a lot of space on the downhill run. A traffic jam forms behind you, overtaking - whether on the left or right - becomes a challenge even for experienced skiers/snowboarders. As in road traffic, it is often those who are too slow who get faster skiers into dangerous situations. It seems like now is THE opportunity to pass without danger. Just at this moment of overtaking, a couple of ski tourers appear out of nowhere, or worse, a whole "pack". We all do not want to have to imagine the worst possible end of this scenario.

In order to avoid such a situation, we would like to ask ski tourers to use one of the following variants:
Ascent via the Plövener Loch (Attention! Only very limited parking possibilities!).
VARIANT 2: Ascent with the gondola to the middle station and from there continue with the touring skis.

The Schlick 2000 parking spaces are also only available to cable car users.
Current information on the avalanche warning level can be found here.

Prices incl. use of infrastructure

Ski touring ticket

Infrastructure: car park, WC facilities, etc.
  Adults Children (2008 - 2014) Youth (2004 - 2007) Senior (1938 - 1957)
Valley station - Middle station € 16,70 € 8,90 € 14,20 € 14,20
Valley station - Mountain station € 25,80 € 13,70 € 21,90 € 21,90