Exciting pistes and fun areas in the Stubaital

The offer of pistes at the Schlick 2000 skiing centre is characterised by its unique diversity. The jewel of the facility is the detachable 6-seat CD& Zirmachbahn lift with comfort chairs, heating and hood, that takes winter sports fans from the Valley Station at 1,910 m up to 2,240 m in less than 3 minutes. Downhill runs across all levels of difficulty, a 3 km, artificial snow covered valley descent, a speed run, the Skiline altitude profile measurement “Who travels farthest in terms of altitude?“, spectacular slopes for free riders as well as the Free Nature Fun Park welcome winter sports enthusiasts. The multi-coloured BIG Ron children’s area, the Schanzlin training hill and the excellent support at the Schlick BIG Family ski school, with mascot BIG Ron, make the Schlick a particularly family-friendly skiing area. In addition to that the skiing area at the entrance of the Stubaital is a real “snow hole”. Fully covered with artificial snow systems and favoured by the weather gods, skiers will find excellent conditions here from end of November until far into April.

last update: 23.04.21 17:01
Status Title Height valley Height peak Length Capacity / h
A - EUB Kreuzjochbahn I (6er Gondel) A - EUB Kreuzjochbahn I (6er Gondel) 1014 m 1363 m 913 m 2000
B - EUB Kreuzjochbahn II (6er Gondel) B - EUB Kreuzjochbahn II (6er Gondel) 1363 m 2113 m 2430 m 2000
C - 4er Sennjochbahn C - 4er Sennjochbahn 1650 m 2230 m 1913 m 1800
D - 4er Panoramabahn D - 4er Panoramabahn 1913 m 2112 m 577 m 2000
E - 6er Zirmachbahn E - 6er Zirmachbahn 1910 m 2240 m 860 m 2000
F - SL Schlickerboden F - SL Schlickerboden 1645 m 1720 m 500 m 800
G - SL Galtalm G - SL Galtalm 1320 m 1600 m 720 m 520
H -SL Schanzlin H -SL Schanzlin 1300 m 1375 m 500 m 1200
I - BIG Ron's Tellerlift I - BIG Ron's Tellerlift 1295 m 1320 m 140 m 700
J - Zauberteppich 1-4* J - Zauberteppich 1-4* 0 m 0 m 85 m 0
J - Schneekarussell* J - Schneekarussell* 0 m 0 m 0 m 0
Status Difficulty Title
Wanderweg Baumhausweg
Wanderweg Scheibenweg
Wanderweg Panoramaweg
Wanderweg Naturlehrweg
Wanderweg Rundwanderweg mit Gipfelsieg
Attraktion Abendweide
Attraktion Panoramasee (nicht zum Schwimmen geeignet)
Aussichtspunkt Aussichtsplattform "StubaiBlick"
Restaurant Panorama Restaurant Kreuzjoch
Restaurant Sennjochhütte
Restaurant Alpengasthof Schlickeralm
Restaurant Galtalm
Restaurant Bergrestaurant Bruggeralm
Restaurant Fronebenalm
Restaurant Starkenburgerhütte
Restaurant Berggasthof Vergör
Geschäft Intersport Pittl
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