WildeWasserWeg: all stages

Important Infomation

Route Length
9.64 km
Route Time Total
05:11 h
altitude meters uphill
1165 hm
altitude meters downhill
74 hm
highest point
2466 hm
Tyrolean Mountain Trails Seal of Approval
Puplic transport:
From Innsbruck main train station direct bus to Neustift - bus stop Nürnberger Hütte, Tschangelair Alm or Grawa Alm.
Trip to by car:
From the Olympic city of Innsbruck you reach the Stubai valley via the Brenner motorway ( Europe Bridge ), exit Schönberg - continue to Neustift. Pass through Neustift village and continue in the direction of Ranalt, Tschangelair Alm or Grawa Alm.
Car park by the "Langentaler" river between Ranalt and the Tschangelair Alm, Tschangelair Alm car park, Raffain car park, Graw Alm car park.
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Etappe 1 geöffnet, Etappe 2 teilweise geöffnet, Etappe 3 gesperrt
WildeWasserWeg - all stages: WildeWasserArena (Ranalt) - Ruetz Katarakt - Tschangelair Alm - Grawa Alm - Sulzenau Alm - Sulzenau Hut - Sulzenauferner glacier

The WildeWasserWeg (Wild Water Trail) is made up of three stages, which can be explored in one go or one at a time. The trail starts at the quarry in Ranalt on the bank of the river Ruetz and leads you through the spectacular Ruetz Katarakt to the Tschangelair Alm. From there, it continues over the Grawa and Sulzenaualm and onto the Sulzenau Hut. The Sulzenauferner glacier represents the end of the trail and at the same time the source of the water. This is the glacier where the water first comes to the surface, makes its way down the valley and helps to form the natural spectacle of the WildeWasserWeg.

On the well-marked tour, hikers are led past impressive places surrounded by raw beauty. From the valley right up to over the tree line, the trail takes you into high-alpine terrain – repeatedly taking you past powerful waterfalls like the Grawa Waterfall and the Sulzenaufall. With views of impressive glacier phenomena like the rugged Sulzenauferner and the Zuckerhütl, you hike through a landscape with large moraine and turquoise-coloured mountain lakes, smaller “mountain puddles”, watering places, smooth polished glacial abrasions and idyllic wetlands, bordered by extensive cotton grass.

Stage 1:
Start: Ruetz Katarakt (Ranalt)
Destination: Grawa Waterfall / Grawa Alm
Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours
Distance: approx. 3.5 km

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Stage 2:
Start: Grawa Waterfall / Grawa Alm
Destination: Sulzenau Hut
Duration: approx. 2 1/2 hours
Distance: approx. 4 km

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Stage 3:
Start: Sulzenau Hut
Destination: Sulzenauferner glacier
Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours
Distance: approx. 3 km