Stubai Ultratrail

Under the slogan "𝗖𝗜𝗧𝗬𝟮𝗚𝗟𝗔𝗖𝗜𝗘𝗥" the 𝗦𝗧𝗨𝗕𝗔𝗜 𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗟 took place on July 1st 2023. The 5 different distances led you through the breath-taking scenery of the Alps over snow and ice to approx. 3,000 m altitude, where the finish line was located on the Stubai Glacier. With the STUBAI VERTICAL, which ran on the original World Cup course, there was a total of 5 distances to choose from.

Useful for the Stubai Ultratrail