Stubai Ultratrail K67

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL K67 is the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Under the motto "CITY2GLACIER" it's up to you to run within one day from the Olympic city of Innsbruck in the middle of Tyrol up to 2,960 metres above sea level on the Stubai Glacier - from the city to the eternal ice. The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL - CITY2GLACIER stands for an incomparable adventure. On a total distance of over 67 kilometres, the run combines urban feeling with top physical performance in an impressive natural landscape. 5,110 metres in ascent and 2,820 metres in descent have to be mastered. The race starts at the Landestheater Vorplatz in Innsbruck and continues on varied trails to the end of the Glacier Valley, where the spectacular final ascent over snow and ice to the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m) at the Stubai Glacier awaits the runners.

Start K32 Stubai Ultratrail

Stubai K31

The STUBAI K31 offers runners the unique opportunity to run from Neustift to the Stubai Glacier at 2,960 metres above sea level within one day - from the valley to the eternal ice. At 31 kilometres, the trail first runs along the valley floor to Volderau and from there uphill to the Bacherwandalm (1,620 m). The course continues along beautiful trails to the Falbesoner Nockalm (1,663 m) and towards the Bänkenalm (1,860 m). Shortly before the Bänkenalm runners descend into the valley, where the WildeWasserWeg is the next scenic highlight. At the end of the route, the spectacular final ascent over snow and ice to the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m) at the Stubai Glacier awaits the participants.

Stubai K18

The STUBAI K18 is a trailrun that impresses with its scenic beauty on a total distance of more than 18 kilometres and 1,796 metres of altitude. The start will take place in Klaus Äuele near Falbeson and after a short time the WildeWasserWeg, the first highlight of the course, awaits the participants. The last interesting part leads runners over a spectacular final ascent - over snow and ice to the finish to the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m) at the Stubai Glacier.


The STUBAI K8 Trail is a pure mountain run. The course is located along the last stage of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL. The start is at the valley station of the Stubai Glacier Cableways near Mutterberg and leads over steep serpentines, past the Dresdner Hut over stone, snowfields and ice at 2,960 meters to the finish at the mountain station Eisgrat (2,960 m). In total, over a total length of 7.5 kilometers, 1,210 hard meters of altitude must be overcome.

Stubai K15 Sunnenseit'n Trail

The STUBAI K15 Sunnenseit'n Trail takes place for the first time in 2024 and leads in a crisp 15 kilometres around the village centre of Neustift. The trail starts in the village centre of Neustift and then follows easy trails along the Franz Senn path to Milders. There you cross the valley floor once and change to the "sunny side" of the Stubaital. A short steep trail leads to Forchach (1,300 m) and on to the Kartnallhöfe. After a short downhill, the trail climbs about 200 metres to the highlight of the K15, the new 105-metre suspension bridge, which offers spectacular views of the Stubai mountains. At Pfurtschell (1,295 m) the descent begins to the district of Neder and from there it goes back to Neustift via Rain. In total, 15 kilometres and 700 metres of ascent and descent have to be mastered on this route.

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