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Where star players train

The majority of folks living in the Stubaital are enthusiastic football players and fans of the great international football teams. Since the European Championship in 2008 the Stubaital has attracted the attention of large clubs. During the 2008 Cup the Stubaital became home to Spain’s national team. Accompanied by their families, friends, chefs, massage therapists, coaches and, of course, the press the team around goalkeeper Iker Casillas spent five weeks in Neustift.

The Spaniards did not only opt for the Stubaital due to the UEFA-compliant training facilities. The high-quality catering and hotel business, but above all the proximity to the Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck were probably among the decisive arguments as well. In addition to that, the fresh air, the excellent situation at approximately 1,000 metres and the varied sport offers influenced the decision of the professionals.

Since then various first-class teams have come (and still do venture out) to the Stubaital to train.

Some quotes of our “Football guests“:

Spanish football national team
„The conditions in Neustift are perfect.“ The head of the Spanish team, Luis Aragonés, on the training conditions in Neustift
„I doubt that any other team was able to work under better conditions”. This is how the head of the Spanish team, Luis Aragonés, summarizes the training conditions in the Stubaital.
“It is a like a great family here.“ Fernando Torres is enthusiastic in light of the hospitality in the Stubai.
“We want to stay here [in the Stubaital] for a long time.“ The representative of the Spanish football federation Pedro Cortés in his welcome address.
”We will remember the time in this small village our whole life.“ Spain’s keeper Iker Casillas on the night before the finals against Germany.

Feyenoord Rotterdam
“We already trained at many places. Thanks to the altitude, the temperature and the weather here, we find excellent conditions in the Stubaital. This is complemented by the unusually beautiful surroundings at the heart of the mountains.”
“We very much like the hotel, the training facilities are close by, everyone is very helpful – perfect conditions for an efficient training.” Bas van Noortwijk (President Feyenoord Rotterdam) on the training conditions in the Stubaital

Spanische Nationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital


Russische Fußballnationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital


Französische Nationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital


Südkoreanische Fußballnationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital


Ajax Amsterdam auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

Ajax Amsterdam

Genoa auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

Genoa CFC

Spartak Moskau auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

Spartak Moskau

Logo RSC Anderecht | Trainingslager in Neustift

RSC Anderlecht

Feyenoord Rotterdam zu Gast im Stubaital

Feyenoord Rotterdam

Specia Calcio auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

Spezia Cacio

KSC Karlsruhe auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

KSC - Karlsruhe

Eintracht Braunschweig zu Gast im Stubaital in Tirol

Eintracht Braunschweig

Rumänische Nationalmannschaft auf Trainingslager im Stubaital


Slowenische Nationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital


Armenische Fußballnationalmannschaft im Stubaital


Khazar Lankaran auf Trainingslager im Stubiatal

KF Kahazar Lankaran

Dynamo Dresden zu Gast im Stubaital

Dynamo Dresden

Fußballmannschaft Zhemchuzhina Sochi zu Gast im Stubaital

FC Zhemchuzhina-Sochi

FC Ingolstadt auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

FC Ingolstadt

Fußballmannschaft Budapest auf Training im Stubaital

MTK Budapest FC

Eintracht Frankfurt auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

Eintracht Frankfurt

U19 Nationalmannschaft zu Gast im Stubaital

Österr. U19 Nationalteam

FC Qebele auf Trainingslager im Stubaital in Tirol


Dynamo Moskau auf Trainingslager im Stubaital

FK Dynamo Moskau

VFB Stuttgart auf Trainingslager im Stubaital in Tirol

VfB Stuttgart

Anderlecht auf Training im Stubaital
OFC Genua zu Gast im Stubaital
OFC Genoa Freundschaftsspiel im Stubaital
Rumaenische Fussballnationalmannschft im Stubaital
Europameister aus Spanien trainierte im Stubaital
Spartak auf Trainingslager im Stubaital
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