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Telfer Wiesen

Telfes in Stubai valley was being populated as early as 1.700 B.C. Discoveries from the Early Bronze Age found not far away from this place in the field of “Gallhof“ led to that conclusion. Main reasons for the early population are likely to be the fertile grounds of the “Telfer Wiesen”.
The name “Telfes” is also an indication of that. The name comes from the Indo-Germanic “tellevo”, which means as much as “useful land”. Due to the location and the length of insolation, the grass grows especially well here.
Up to this day the “Telfer Wiesen” are used exclusively agriculturally. They belong to the most beautiful larch fields of Tyrol. The rich gentian blow in the spring is very impressive.

Roundtrip (Telfes - Gasthof Kirchbrücke - Telfes)


Starting and finishing point: Telfes - Kapfers district  (1,090 m)
Walking time: 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: 350 m
Rest points: Gasthof Kirchbrücke (880 m)

Direct bus to Telfes. In Telfes you climb upwards to the Kapfers district and keep right towards Telfer Wiesen, where you will see a small car park after the last few houses.

Starting from the car park in the Kapfers district of Telfes a wide and level forest track leads towards Telfer Wiesen. This attractive track passes lots of larches and after 15 minutes you reach the Telfer Wiesen beauty spot. With its large reclining platform and shady trees this is an ideal place to linger. After a further half an hour you reach a road junction, where the right-hand fork will take you towards Gasthof Kirchbrücke. The track slopes downwards along the stream past the Gallhof and Wiesenhof. After the Wiesenhof you turn right, cross the Ruetzbach and follow the track towards Gasthof Kirchbrücke. After an overall walk of around two hours you reach Gasthof Kirchbrücke, an inviting place to take a break You now climb back up towards Telfes. After about 30 minutes you're back at your starting point.

Panorama vom Naturschauplatz Telfer Wiesen
Pärchen bei Naturschauplatz Telfer Wiesen im Stubaital
Impression Naturschauplatz Telfer Wiesn im Stubaital
Aussicht vom Naturschauplatz Telfer Wiesn im Stubaital
Naturschauplatz Telfer Wiesn im Stubaital

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