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Due to regular floods in the Stubai valley bottom, the farmers were looking for alternative land. They found a profitable “quarter” of land at the end of the 13th century in Kartnall (Romanic “quartinale”). The lower and the upper “Kartnallhof” (farmyard) were built, where livestock and dairy farming as well as limited cropping secured existence. Royalties in kind (1/10 of receipts) had to be paid to the owner of the land, the parish of St. Nikolaus in Hall, as a compensation for farming the fields. Today tourism as well as the cows, sheep and goats secure the existence of the two family farms. The animals graze the grassland; their milk is used to produce butter, grey cheese and curd cheese. 

Circular tour (Kartnall – riverside path - Forchach)

Starting and finishing point:  Neustift swimming pool (1,050 m) / Milders – start at Oberbergtal power station (1,090m)
Destination: Kartnallhöfe(1,285 m)
Walking time: 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: 400 m
Rest points: Oberkartnall snack bar (1285 m), Hofer–Unterkartnall snack bar (1285 m)


The walk starts either at the outdoor pool in Neustift or at the power station at the beginning of the Oberbergtal. You reach the swimming pool by turning right at the roundabout in Neustift in the direction of Milders. After approx. 100 m, turn right again (signposted) to reach the swimming pool, where many free parking spaces can be found. The power station in the Oberbergtal can be reached by turning towards the Oberbergtal in Milders. After approx. 700 m, the starting point is reached. There are some free parking spaces here.

The farmsteads in Kartnall date back to the 13th century and were built due to a fear of flooding in the cleared countryside areas above the valley. From the Neustift leisure centre, we walk along the road in the direction of Freibad and reach the path to Kartnall, which is accessible from April until October. We wind our way through a patch of woodland. After 45 minutes once the wood has thinned out and the trail has climbed gently on its approach to the farmsteads in Kartnall, we reach the Kartnall Naturschauplatz viewing area. Surrounded by green meadows, it offers a wonderful panoramic view across to the Sulzenauferner glacier. Situated at 1,285 m, the Kartnall and Hofer refreshment stops offer a pause for breath with Tyrolean delicacies. From the Kartnall villages we follow the road to the Forchach mountain farm above Milders.
In dry weather, we climb left from here in the direction of Milders.
However, in wet weather and outside the summer season, we follow the road in the direction of Oberbergtal. From the small Milders power station, we walk along the Oberbergbach stream. At the mouth of the Oberbergbach in the Ruetz, we follow the path back to the centre of Neustift.

Variant 1

Trail across Forchach

Variant 2

along the road towards Oberbergtal

Logo Naturschauplatz Kartnal im Stubaital
Wanderweg bei Kartnall im Stubaital
Wiese und Panorama bei Kartnall im Stubaital
Blick von Naturschauplatz Kartnall im Stubaital
Panorama auf Stubaier Gletscher von Kartnall aus
Familie mit Baumstamm bei Kartnall im Stubaital
Familie mit Baumstamm bei Naturschauplatz Kartnall
Infoplatte bei Naturschauplatz im Stubaital
Bauernhäuser bei Kartnall im Stubaital
Ausblick von Kartnall ins Stubaital

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Stubai glacier magic

Stubai glacier magic

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Stubaier Super Skipass

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Skihit Schlick 2000

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