Stubai Tree House Trail

A great treasure hunt between the ground of the forest and the tips of the trees

The Tyrolean Stubaital has another attraction and a great destination for the whole family. Visitors young and old are welcomed by Bardin directly at the middle station of the Kreuzjochbahn in the Schlick 2000. The dwarf marks the entrance to the almost 5,000 m² forest area, through which the tree house trail leads on an easily accessible route suitable for prams. On the approximately two-hour hike from the middle station to Vergör and back again, you have to climb just under 100 metres in altitude. And of course a few more if you add climbing the seven spectacular tree houses along the way.

Each of the tree houses is dedicated to a different theme related to the dwarf dwelling. The local adventure workshop naturidea elaborately realised the concept with great attention to detail. The result is a colourful world of adventure between the forest floor and the treetops.

Zwergenspielplatz am Baumhausweg Schlick 2000

Dwarves’ Playground

If you follow the path from the midway station towards Froneben, you will find the first tree house, the Dwarves’ Playground, near the cable car station. Here, little dwarves can practice their climbing and crawling on the zip wire, suspension bridge and net pipe tunnel. The wooden construction is reached from the path via a bridge. Via a tunnel you reach a platform. There’s a zip wire in the main house.

Nahaufnahme des Eingangs eines Baumhauses

Dwarves’ Treasure Chamber

Next you come to the Dwarves’ Treasure Chamber. Landings stages lead between the path, tree house and along the trees. The facade of the wooden construction is decorated with a whole crowd of Dwarves who are guarding Bardin’s treasure. With some of them, you can even become a dwarf for a moment by looking outside from inside. It’s the perfect time for a quick photo! The treasures such as amethyst, quartz and fool’s gold glitter and sparkle colourfully in the sun. There’s also a dwarf telephone for fun entertainment. Who’s that on the other end of the line? After trying out the double swing, it’s now time to go down the slide under the bridge and back to the path.

Kinder in der Zwergenküche im Baumhausweg Schlick 2000

Dwarves’ Kitchen

Next stop is the Dwarves’ Kitchen. The wooden construction is like a small witch’s cottage, offering various exciting sliding and climbing opportunities to transport the fruits of the forest safely from the floor to the dwarves’ pantry. Here they can be sorted, stored and of course used. You return to earth using either the slide, climbing pole or ladder.

Familie am Baumhausweg Schlick 2000

Dwarves’ Bedroom

After so much action, it’s sometimes good to take things a bit more slowly. After climbing, you reach the Dwarves’ Bedroom. This swinging house is designed as a very special tree house. Thanks to the wire anchoring of the diamond-shaped wood construction, you suddenly find yourself in a huge swing that invites you to rest up briefly and enjoy the view across the treetops all around you. Well rested, then it’s time to swing quickly down to earth again.

Kinder auf Tauschaukel am Baumhausweg Schlick 2000

Dwarves’ Pointed Cap

After this short pause for breath, things get exciting again towards the Dwarves’ Pointed Cap. Only the bravest dare to climb right up into the treetop. From there you enjoy a wonderful view across Fulpmes and the surrounding forest. Completely unnoticed, you can observe all the shy forest animals from the viewing tower. If you look really closely, you can perhaps discover the baby deer who is looking for food or the nimble squirrel jumping from tree to tree.

Kinder in der Zwergenmusikkammer am Baumhausweg

Dwarves’ Music Room

If you continue along the path you will soon see a honeycomb-like structure twinkling between the trees: the Dwarves’ Music Room. Thanks to its unusual structure and the many spaces of the tree house, not only the sunlight draws wonderful colourful patterns on the floors and walls. You can make music yourself on singing bowls and wind chimes, or listen to the secretive sounds of the forest.

Nahaufnahme eines Baumhauses

Dwarves’ Parlour

By the next tree house at the latest, the Dwarves’ Parlour, all large and small family members are joyfully reunited. Cosy seats and playing tables offer the best conditions for relaxed fun. From Tyrolean roulette to a table marble run, nine men’s morris and ludo, everyone is guaranteed to find a challenge and a rematch here!

Stubai Tree House Trail

Route Length
2.53 km
Route Time Total
01:00 h
altitude meters uphill
96 hm
altitude meters downhill
178 hm
highest point
1356 hm
Family Trip
Starting point:
Mittelstation Froneben/Schlick 2000
End Point:
Alpengasthof Vergör
Road quality:
Forstweg, Steig
Gutes Schuhwerk
Best Season:

Altitude Profile

 Exciting treasure hunt at lofty heights

In addition to numerous opportunities to play, romp and climb, the adventure trail also includes a treasure hunt. At the entrance to the tree house trail, "treasure maps" are ready at the welcome board. Bardin has hidden a certain symbol in each tree house. If you manage to climb all the tree houses and mark the symbols with the nipper, a surprise from Bardin's treasure chest awaits you at the end of the trail. In this way, even very young children can take part in the treasure hunt.

In the Alpengasthof Vergör, the Bruggeralm, the Froneben Alm and at the valley station of the Schlick 2000,  the completed stamp pass can be exchanged for a small surprise. An unforgettable experience for the whole family and a playful journey back in time to the mining past of the Stubaital!

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