Turmferner See (2.890 m)

Just a few decades in age, this glacial scour lake stands at 2,890 metres above sea level. Lake Turmferner was formed by the most recent retreat of the glacier known as “Turmferner”. This glacier forged its basin and filled it with its own melted snow and ice. Even after the most recent ice age, lakes of this type have continued to spring up in many different places. One prominent example is Lake Constance. The water found in Lake Turmferner is clouded by what is known as “glacial milk” – water that contains very fine stone deposits that have been ground by the ice. Its surface area spans approximately 14,500 m² and is situated in the barren high-mountain landscape beneath the “Apere Turm”. Despite its location at nearly 3,000 metres above sea level, its summit can be reached without having to traverse a glacier. That is why its name includes the term “aper”, meaning snow-free. The lake’s surrounding landscape is dominated by glacial deposits and moraines, the scars left behind by once-mighty glaciers. Lake Turmferner is roughly 175 metres long and 100 metres wide.


Start / Destination: Parkplatz Oberiss Alm (1.742 m)
Walking time: 7 h
Altitude difference: ↑ 1.200 HM ↓ 1.200 HM
Refreshment options: Almwirtschaft Oberiss (1.750 m), Alpeinalm (2.040 m), Franz-Senn-Hütte (2.147 m)

The tour starts at the Oberissalm in the Oberbergtal, which can be reached from Neustift (Milders). There are payable parking spaces there. Alternatively, you can take the bus to the Neustift Milders Ort bus stop and from there take the payable shuttle service (Tel.: +43 (0)5226 3500).

The winding trail leads through trees and mountain pines up to the Alpeinalm, from where the Franz-Senn Hut is already visible. The hut can be reached in about 1.5 hours. From the Franz-Senn Hut the trail continues along the Alpeiner Bach in the direction of Alpeiner Ferner. On the way, you pass the via ferrata "Höllenrachen" and follow the path further down the valley until you reach the bridge over the stream. Shortly after the bridge turn right and ascend in the direction of Berglastal. From there, follow the signs in the direction of Aperer Turm, and shortly before the summit you will reach Turmferner See lake. The walking time from the Franz-Senn Hut is about 2.5 hours. The same route leads back to the starting point.


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