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Secured rock climbing

In the Stubaital interested mountaineers will find a host of via ferrata trails. Climbing beginners as well as professionals with experience of many years can explore the many secured trails in a wildly romantic nature setting. The differences in the organisation as well as in the difficulty of the via ferrata trails will turn a tour in the Stubaital into an exciting and varied adventure.

What exactly is a via ferrata trail?

A via ferrata trail is a climbing trail along natural rock formations, secured with iron ladders, iron steps and steel cables. Hazardous hiking trail passages have been secured with steel cables for a long time – forming the basis of today’s via ferrata trails. The originally Italian term via ferrata (plural: vie ferrate) means iron way, by the way.

To explore these secured trails you need a climbing safety set. A climbing safety set consists of a helmet and a harness and features a Y- or V-type rope safety system. For climbing beginners, it is advisable to make the first steps under supervision of a professional mountain guide. Equipment can be rented at many places. - Link -

Ochsenwand C - D

Very interesting, long and beautiful via ferrata, one of the most famous ones in Austria...


Educational via ferrata WildWater

Easy via ferrata nearby the „Wild Waters“ of Sulzenau, especially suited to beginners and young persons...


Steingrubenkogel A - C

On lots of ledges you weave around the towers over the south-west ridge upwards to the summit. The via ferrate in the...


Fernau Express B - E

The experienced climber of via ferrata who has an outlook for handholds and steps and occasionally wants to flex one’s...


Nürnberger Hut C - D

This via ferrata comes up to the trend of via ferrata nearby mountain huts, which makes a contribution to the revival of...


Franz Senn Hut

„Höllenrachen“ („hell’s throat“) is called the well secured via ferrata, not very difficult. The “Edelweiß via ferrata”...


Educational via ferrata Fernau

The educational via ferrata with a length up to 15 meters enables beginners to get slowly used to the rock and the...


Fernau B - D

The beautiful via ferrata nearby Stubai glacier cable car offers very inventive and various via ferrata passages...


Elferkofel B - C

Very worthy and impressive crossing in some parts “dolomite-like” rock-scenery...


Ilmspitze A - C

Fascinating ridge crossing, passing two towers like the Dolomite's, from Elferkofel to Zwölfernieder...


Elfer Nordwand C - D

Via ferrata through the north-face of the domestic mountain of Neustift, beautiful panorama view over Neustift...


Kreuzjoch A - D

A small „Alpine-Adventure-Park“ in the area „Kreuzjoch has been built to revival the cable-car business and for...


Educational via ferrata Innsbrucker Hut

Attractive via ferrata, which should be made „en passent“, also suitable for beginners...


Dresdner Hut

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