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Secured rock climbing

In the Stubaital interested mountaineers will find a host of via ferrata trails. Climbing beginners as well as professionals with experience of many years can explore the many secured trails in a wildly romantic nature setting. The differences in the organisation as well as in the difficulty of the via ferrata trails will turn a tour in the Stubaital into an exciting and varied adventure.

What exactly is a via ferrata trail?

A via ferrata trail is a climbing trail along natural rock formations, secured with iron ladders, iron steps and steel cables. Hazardous hiking trail passages have been secured with steel cables for a long time – forming the basis of today’s via ferrata trails. The originally Italian term via ferrata (plural: vie ferrate) means iron way, by the way.

To explore these secured trails you need a climbing safety set. A climbing safety set consists of a helmet and a harness and features a Y- or V-type rope safety system. For climbing beginners, it is advisable to make the first steps under supervision of a professional mountain guide. Equipment can be rented at many places.

Klettersteig Ochsenwand C/D im Stubaital | Klettern in Tirol

Ochsenwand C - D

Very interesting, long and beautiful via ferrata, one of the most famous ones in Austria...

Wildewasser Klettersteig A/B im Stubaital | Klettersteig in Tirol

Educational via ferrata WildWater

Easy via ferrata nearby the „Wild Waters“ of Sulzenau, especially suited to beginners and young persons...

Steingrubenkogel Klettersteig A/C | Klettersteige im Stubaital

Steingrubenkogel A - C

On lots of ledges you weave around the towers over the south-west ridge upwards to the summit. The via ferrate in the Stubai valley is accessible from...

Fernau Express Klettersteig B/E | Klettersteige im Stubaital

Fernau Express B - E

The experienced climber of via ferrata who has an outlook for handholds and steps and occasionally wants to flex one’s muscles, will get one’s money...

Nürnberger Hütte Klettersteig C/D | Klettersteige im Stubaital

Nürnberger Hut C - D

This via ferrata comes up to the trend of via ferrata nearby mountain huts, which makes a contribution to the revival of the „Hut tourism"...

Klettersteig Höllenrachen Franz Senn | Klettersteig im Stubaital

Franz Senn Hut

„Höllenrachen“ („hell’s throat“) is called the well secured via ferrata, not very difficult. The “Edelweiß via ferrata” is a relatively short but...

Übungsklettersteig Fernau im Stubaital | Klettersteige in Tirol

Educational via ferrata Fernau

The educational via ferrata with a length up to 15 meters enables beginners to get slowly used to the rock and the material...

Klettersteig Fernau C/D im Stubaital | Klettern in Tirol

Fernau B - D

The beautiful via ferrata nearby Stubai glacier cable car offers very inventive and various via ferrata passages...

Klettersteig Elferkofel B/C im Stubaital | Kletterurlaub in Tirol

Elferkofel B - C

Very worthy and impressive crossing in some parts “dolomite-like” rock-scenery...

Klettersteig Ilmspitze A-C im Stubaital | Klettersteige in Tirol

Ilmspitze A - C

Fascinating ridge crossing, passing two towers like the Dolomite's, from Elferkofel to Zwölfernieder...

Klettersteig Elfer Nordwand C/D im Stubaital | Klettersteig in Tirol

Elfer Nordwand C - D

Via ferrata through the north-face of the domestic mountain of Neustift, beautiful panorama view over Neustift...

Klettersteig Kreuzjoch A-D im Stubaital | Klettersteige in Tirol

Kreuzjoch A - D

A small „Alpine-Adventure-Park“ in the area „Kreuzjoch has been built to revival the cable-car business and for educational purpose...

Klettersteig Innsbrucker Hütte C/D im Stubai | Klettersteige Stubaital

Educational via ferrata Innsbrucker Hut

Attractive via ferrata, which should be made „en passent“, also suitable for beginners...

Schnupperklettersteig Dresdner Hütte | Klettersteige für Kinder im Stubaital

Dresdner Hut