Wilde Leck Ostgrat

Important Infomation

Number of multi-pitches
Wall height
480 m
Sea Level From
1569 hm



The via ferrata is in the Stubai Alps. The climb takes place over the Ötz Valley.

Fantastic climbing over the Ostgrat to the summit of the Wilde Leck. The rock is always good for climbing and you can usually secure yourself well with slings. Enjoy a never-ending panorama along the route of the glacier world in the Stubai Alps. The actual ridge is approx. 250 vertical metres high; that makes approx. 1,360 vertical metres in total from the Amberger Hut. Fit mountain climbers do this tour right from the valley up - if you go by bike to the flat valley floor after the Amberger Hut, that’s a whopping 1,980 vertical metres. If you are after something a little more leisurely, start from the Amberger Hut, this is also ideal to get to by mountain bike.

Detailed route description:
You initially start by following the ridge, which is still flat at this point. After a short riding ridge over several steps to under the first large upswing (to II). Veer to the right over flat rock to bypass the upswing (II-III). Continue up on the northern side until you reach the edge of the ridge again. The following prominent ridges can be circumvented both left (III) and more easily right (II). If you climb directly over (IV), you will need to abseil from the pointed peak about 15 metres on the other side. From the dip after the prominent tower over the following slab wall and back up to the ridge edge. This is followed by several partly lofty pointed peaks (III+). Pass the first peak exposed to the right, you can either climb the others or bypass them underneath and to the left (nice crevices in the compact ledges). The key sections (IV) form a smooth ledge with a ‘piaz’ (crevice), directly above this is a good place to stand. It then gets somewhat easier (II-III) as you continue along the ridge. After an almost horizontal ridge section, you reach the summit rock face. First straight up (III), then slightly left (III+) in a large horizontal section (III), which leads straight to the summit cross.