Sulzenau Waterfall

Silver Gush of Water

The water of this unique waterfall shoots down a narrow gash like a silver arrow. It drops more than 200m straight into the pasture ground of Sulzenaualm. Especially in the early afternoon the waterfall shines and glistens in all colours. It whooshes down and at its end it even forms a fantastic water mushroom. If you want to you can rest your legs in the small brooks and meanders that criss-cross the pasture ground.

This hike ranks among the Stubai Valley’s scenically most beautiful and impressive ones. First you can experience Grawa waterfall, then the nice view down into the back of the Stubai Valley, the lush pasture ground with its many little brooks on Sulzenaualm and the waterfall that lies above it. Past the hut with the funny figures in the beer garden, you continue along serpentines to Sulzenauhütte, which is set on flat ground and towers above a rocky edge like an aerie and from where you can enjoy fantastic views.

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