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Wildeben Edelweißkopf

This scenic nature site can be reached via a steep path that leads to a flat high plateau. This combination of ruggedness and charm is also what gives this scenic nature site its name of ‘Wild-Eben’, which literally means ‘Wild-Smooth’. But this place is about more than just its location, sitting high up in the mountains almost like a throne, the area offers the space, and indeed the relaxation, to let the surrounding mountain environment really work its magic on you. And you might even spot an edelweiss, with its flowers reaching out towards the sun between the jagged rocks. 

Round trip

Kampler Staumauer

Starting and finishing point: Neustift, Kampl (994 m)
Walking time: 4 hours
Altitude difference: 900 m
Rest points: Wildeben alpine guest house (1,770 m)

The tour starts at the end of Höhlebachstraße, next to the ‘Kampler Staumauer’ concrete dam, which is located in the Kampl district of Neustift. Before reaching the outer limits of the town of Kampl, you turn right, just before the petrol filling station. You will find a limited number of parking spaces at the starting point.
Alternatively, the climb can also be completed via the forest path starting in Medrazer Stille.

From the Kampler concrete dam, which is located at the edge of the forest in Kampl, the steep, red-marked forest path winds its way up to the Wildeben alpine guest house. For experienced hikers, there is the option of making the climb via the black hiking trail which runs through the Kampler Höhle.
The route leads through rugged countryside as far as Seilbach, which you cross via a ravine. Then the climb rises steeply towards Wildeben. On reaching this point, you can enjoy wonderful views across the Stubai Valley.
After a pleasant rest, you continue along a steep climb to the highest point in the tour: the Edelweisskopf scenic nature site. This special place, with edelweiss flowers growing nearby, is a great place to recharge your batteries.
From Edelweisskopf, it is also possible to reach the summit of the Serles via the Serles-Jöchl. Those hikers not wishing to climb any further, however, can head back down the valley past the Gasthof Wildeben. Here it is possible to descend using the same path or initially via the forest path, which then branches off into the ascending path.

Variant 1:

Kampler Staumauer – Wildeben – Scenic Nature Site Wildeben „Edelweißkopf“ – Kampler Staumauer

Variant 2

(difficult): Kampler Staumauer – Wildeben – Scenic Nature Site Wildeben „Edelweißkopf“ – Kampler Höhle – Kampler Staumauer

TVB Stubai Tirol
TVB Stubai Tirol
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TVB Stubai Tirol
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TVB Stubai Tirol

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