Toboggan safety tips

  1. Watch out for other toboggan run users. Behave yourself so as not to harm/endanger anyone.
  2. Note closure and warnings. Make sure the track is open for tobogganing.
  3. Choose a toboggan or sled that is sturdy and easy to control. Inspect all the equipment: check for cracks, sharp edges and broken parts. Dress warmly, keep award of dangling scarves that can cause injury or strangulation. Wear a protective helmet (especially for children), firm footwear and thick gloves. For safety reasons, do not use plastic bobs or plastic pedestals. The proper position for sliding is to kneel or sit forward with your feet pointing downhill.
  4. Ascend right and behind each other. Cross the toboggan run only at clear places.
  5. Descend - wait until the path is clear before proceeding. Maintain a safe speed and stay in control, ready to stop if need be. Keep distance. Adjust your speed and driving to your skills, the condition of the run, the snow, ice and weather conditions, as well as the traffic density.
  6. Make yourself heard, warn inattentive climbers (bells, loud shouting). Use headlamps and reflective clothing at night.
  7. Wait for your companions in clear places. Make sure your group is complete. Do not stop in narrow and unclear places. When disembarking stay out of the way of others and move quickly to the side of the run. If you have to get off quickly, roll to the side and do not use your hands or feet to try to stop the sled.
  8. Sledging on ski slopes is dangerous and forbidden. The risk of collision with skiers is great. Overnight frozen tobogganing tracks affect the quality of the ski slopes.
  9. No dogs. Dogs are difficult to manage on ascent and descent, on the mostly narrow toboggan runs there is a great collision danger with other tobogganers.
  10. No alcohol or medication. Addictive substances impair the ability to react and reduce the risk assessment.

Valid also for tobogganing:  FIRST AID! Identify yourself in case of accidents.
Information: Austrian tobogganing association and sports retailer

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