Meditation Trail

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Długość trasy
8.3 km
Całkowity czas trwania trasy
02:30 h
Wysokość metry pod górę
527 hm
Metry wysokości w dół
519 hm
Najwyższy punkt
1385 hm
The tour starts at the fee-based Zegger car park (free for visitors with valid Stubai Guest Card) in the Neder district of Neustift. The parking spaces can be found directly before the entrance to Neder, as you head into the valley, on the right-hand side of the road.
punkt początkowy:
Neustift, Neder district
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Tour Description

From the Zegger car park you follow the road past the school, as far as the forest path leading into the Pinnistal valley. A few metres beyond the start of the valley, the route branches off left at one of the wooden information boards that belongs to the signposted Besinnungsweg trail and winds upwards to the eastern side of the Pinnistal in a series of bends,
through a thinly forested area and up a number of steps. Once you reach the highest point (1,397 m), the path leads gently downhill for the most part, passing a wayside cross, partly over some steps again and across avalanche terrain. After crossing a wooden bridge and walking uphill for a few metres, you finally arrive at the Issenangeralm (1,366 m). The trail then leads back to the starting point via the forest path leading through the Pinnistal.

In Praise of God
... to the People's Reflection an Joy.

‘Leading people to contemplation and happiness’. The ‘Besinnungsweg’ (path of contemplation) trail runs along a beautifully laid path to the idyllic Issenangeralm. Along the way, there are numerous benches, engraved stone tablets and photo spots that are attractive places to stop off at and partake in some reflection and meditation. Based on an initiative by pastor Eduard Niederwieser, the Stubaier Besinnungsweg hiking trail was built over the course of 1996 and 1997, at the entrance to the Pinnistal valley. The Neustift artists Hansjörg Ranalter and Gotthard Obholzer designed various biblical sculptures, which were installed along the route. This Besinnungsweg was intended to appeal to as many people as possible beyond confessional and ideological boundaries and allow them to experience nature as part of the history of creation. At various intervals along the route, hikers come across a total of seven stop-off points with larger than life sculptures and engraved stone tablets. This combination of spirituality, nature and art is unique in this form – and makes any hike along the Stubaier Besinnungsweg a special experience.