Scenic nature site: Gletscherblick

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Długość trasy
11.3 km
Całkowity czas trwania trasy
04:26 h
Wysokość metry pod górę
370 hm
Metry wysokości w dół
1122 hm
Najwyższy punkt
2400 hm
punkt początkowy:
Schlick 2000 summit station / Kreuzjoch
punkt końcowy:
stazione intermedia dello Schlick 2000 (1.363 m)
warunek ścieżki:
Tip: the trail is partially exposed – sure-footedness is required.
najlepsza pora roku:

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View of the glaciers

Special places are often located quite nearby, even though sometimes small or large amounts of self-perseverance or the ability to inwardly extend yourself is required to reach these places.

The ‘Gletscherblick’ (glacier view) scenic nature site is just such a place: so near, so unassuming, yet it can only be reached via a short path.

The reward for your efforts: like a huge painting, the view of the Stubai Glacier manifests itself along with its eternally ice-covered, protruding summit – around the striking Zuckerhütl, while one can make out the  Sulzenauferner, Fernerstube and Grünauferner glaciers, located in the northern Oberbergtal of the Alpeiner Ferner.

From the Kreuzjoch summit station, you walk along the gently climbing panoramic route in the direction of Starkenburger hut (signposted: Starkenburger Hütte – Panoramaweg), before reaching the Sennjoch hut after approx. 30 minutes. The path leads up towards the mountain ridge, and then branches off to the left. The trail then drops off slightly until the next intersection. There you take a right turn once more and follow the short but steep climb until you finally come to the highest point of the ‘Gletscherblick’ scenic nature site. The wooden loungers at this scenic beauty spot are not only an excellent place to take a rest, but this location also offers magnificent views of the Stubai mountain region.

From the ‘Gletscherblick’ scenic nature site, you can already catch sight of the Starkenburger hut. After a final descent, you reach the mountain hut in approx. 2 hours. To return to the Schlick 2000 middle station, you walk via the Kaserstattalm and from there you continue along as far as the Bruggeralm or the Fronebenalm. You should allow a further 2 hours for the return journey.