The Eagle at the Elfer and in the Pinnistal

Air traffic in the eagle's habitat
For golden eagles, disturbances at the eyrie are particularly problematic, especially during the breeding and nesting season.

The consequences:

  •  Breeding success fails
  •  Neglect of the nestlings, insufficient food intake
  •  Abandonment of the nest during brooding and thus loss of the brood

Most sensitive period:

Breeding time: approx. from mid-April to May
Nesting period: approx. beginning of May to end of June

Behavioural recommendations:

During the sensitive phases, keep a distance of 1 kilometre from the protected zone.
or avoid the marked protection zone altogether.

Basic facts:

Golden eagles claim, mark and defend a territory of 30-100 km2.
area. In this territory, the eagle pair usually establishes several nests.
For the young eagles, the first year of life is the most dangerous: approx. 75% of young eagles die before reaching sexual maturity. From the 6th week of life, they perform their first
their first flight exercises. At 8 weeks of age they begin to climb around in the immediate vicinity of the the eyrie. The parents then lure the young with food so that they fly out of the nest.

Flight of the eagle:

Gliding speed: 130-190 km/h
Shooting flight: up to 320 km/h

Flight distances (at what distance does the animal escape):

sitting eagle: 200 m
Flying eagle: considerably less