Things to know about our trails

Basic rules & things to know

  •     Riding on the trail is only permitted with suitable downhill bikes (no cross country bikes, touring bikes etc.)!
  •      Riding is only permitted with a helmet and suitable protectors!
  •     Ride on sight and expect the possibility of animals (e.g. cows) and their excrement directly on the trail at all times!
  •    Riding is only permitted for riders with advanced riding technique!
  •    Parents are liable for their children!


Level of difficulty: S2

In difficulty level 2 you have to expect larger roots and stones. The ground is often not consolidated. Steps and shallow stairs are to be expected. Narrow bends are often encountered, the steepness in places is up to 70% or 35°.

The obstacles must be overcome by shifting weight. Constant readiness to brake and shifting of the body's centre of gravity are necessary techniques, as are precise dosing of the brakes and constant body tension.

Safety concept

The course is divided into 8 sectors with different colours, SOS signs are located at regular intervals directly on the course. In case of emergency, please announce the colour of the sector by calling 112!