Paragliding at the Elfer

The Elferbahn takes pilots quickly and comfortably up the mountain. The take-off and landing area are right next to the cable car stations.

The Elfer is very popular both as a training area and for sporty pilots. Here, flight schools offer courses for beginners and advanced pilots. The Stubaital has always been known in the flying scene for great flying conditions and unique thermals.

Do you want to treat yourself to something special?

Enjoy the Stubai mountains from above on a tandem flight:

Information for paragliders and hang gliders

We ask all pilots to take note of the following information:

  • The landing site operators are the Elferbahnen
  • Please use only the marked take-off and landing areas, as well as the flight routes provided in the briefing card. Landing outside the designated landing area may result in legal action for disturbing the property. The flight rules and landing area allocations must be adhered to by all!
  • If a flight ban is announced via the cable car's loudspeaker system (e.g. due to weather conditions, helicopter approach, etc.), no new flights may be started and pilots in the air must transition to the landing approach.
  • No liability is accepted for the transport of flying equipment or for take-off, landing or flying accidents; nor for damage to third parties.

    More info about the flight & protected areas here:


Protected areas

Information on the protected areas on the Elfer and in the Pinnistal.

Flight schools in the Stubaital

The exceptional thermals and the impressive landscape make the Stubai a popular place for paragliders and hang-gliders to ascend. Who can resist the view from above of one of the Seven Summits or other imposing peak formations?
Professionals and newcomers to the sport of flying will be thrilled during an active holiday in the Stubaital. Several flying schools offer taster courses and tandem flights.