Accessible sundial on the Elfer

On the path of the sun

As soon as you get off the gondola, you can see the largest accessible equatorial sundial in the Alpine region. Via a flat path - past the paraglider launch site - you reach the sundial in just a few steps. Immediately, the unusual shape and imposing architecture captivates young and old alike. The impressive larch wood construction with an inner diameter of 8 metres not only shows the hours, but also holds a fascinating view over the Stubaital and all the way to Innsbruck via Viscope telescopes.

From here, you can hike further to the numerous alpine pastures via many hiking trails of all levels of difficulty, or stay right at the mountain station and enjoy the sun.

The Herzeben agricultural community provided the necessary land for this structure. Members of the Herzeben agricultural community are: Ausserwieserhof, Fleckhof, Hotel Forster, Jedelerhof, Am Hof, Nockhof, Senner (Neder).

Largest accessible sundial in the Alpine region

On the north side of the equator there is a metal dial which shows the true solar time. This time deviates from the local time by up to approx. 14 minutes. In summer there is also an extra hour for summer time. Anyone who stops to think at this wonderful place, can, however, easily lose sight of the actual time.

With the art installation, space has been created to relax in the high-altitude air. The equatorial sundial is enclosed by a two-metre-wide footbridge, which serves both as access to the slope and as a unique viewing platform. It offers fascinating bird's-eye views of the Stubaital all the way down into the Inn Valley. Whether before or after a hike, or simply during a day trip with a gondola ride and a stop for refreshments.

The walk-in sundial was opened on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Elferlifte. With the three Viscope observation telescopes, hikers learn all the names of the surrounding mountains.