Facts about the ZweiZweier Trail at the Elfer

The ZweiZweier Trail is a downhill trail that is unparalleled with its jumps, steep turns and routing. The start is directly at the mountain station of the Elferbahn at 1,780 m, the trail joins the EinsEinser Trail at 1,240 m. The trail was designed by Christian Piccolruaz "Picco". The trail was designed by Christian Piccolruaz "Picco" and built in 2017.

The new trail perfectly completes the EinsEinser Trail, it is more flowing and possibly a little bit easier to ride. It is also S2 in difficulty, but much less rooty and therefore faster and more bearish!


Route length: approx. 3.5 km
Height difference: 540 m
Level of difficulty: medium "S2"
Character: natural technical trail. A little easier than the 11er Trail and with fewer root passages so that the descent can be made even faster.
Medium level of difficulty (S2).
Opening: 26.08.2017