WildeWasserWeg: Circular hike across the Grawa Waterfall viewing platforms

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Délka trasy
5.55 km
Celkový čas trasy
02:30 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
405 hm
Metry v nadmořské výšce z kopce
265 hm
Nejvyšší bod
1781 hm
Pečeť kvality Tyrolských horských stezek
cesta veřejnou dopravou:
From Innsbruck main train station direct bus to Neustift - bus stop Tschangelair Alm.
cesta autem:
From the Olympic city of Innsbruck you reach the Stubai valley via the Brenner motorway ( Europe Bridge ), exit Schönberg - continue to Neustift. From Neustift via the main road towards Tschangelair Alm.
Tschangelair Alm
výchozí bod:
Tschangelair Alm
cílové místo:
Viewing platform Grawa Waterfall
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The Grawa Waterfall is the most outstanding natural spectacle under the waterfalls of the Stubai Valley. The widest waterfall in the Eastern Alps and a natural monument - there are just not enough words to describe the wild beauty of this water.

The hiking trail starts on the right bank of the river Ruetz at the Tschangelair Alm and leads into the valley. From the parking spaces directly above the Grawa Alm on Gletscherstrasse it takes just 15 minutes to walk to the waterfall. The trail takes you past the terrace of the farmed alpine pasture and a few metres across to the bridge over the Ruetz. It continues through a meadow, a few metres through the forest, and then we can already feel and hear the waterfall. What an elemental force! The water spray often blows right up to the small bridge. In recent years, two platforms have been built on the right-hand side (orthographically left) giving us close-up views of the water as it cascades down. It really is a must for anyone coming to the Stubai Valley. It takes about ten minutes to get to the first platform and 20 minutes to get to the second. You need about 1.5 hours for the whole circular hike across the viewing platforms; it is also suitable for families. The quaint “Grawa Alm” is an inviting place to stop and take a break.

The power of water:
The Grawa Waterfall changes its appearance quite markedly depending on the volume of water cascading down. In late autumn, we just see just a trickle of water down the right-hand side. In early summer when the snow melts, and especially after heavy rainfall, the water surges over the top of the waterfall where it splits into a wide area. Step-like cascades, a veil of fine water mist, thundering and gushing torrents of water - we can see everything here. The view of the water is constantly changing: When the sun is in the right position, the silver strands glisten in the light, individual splashes sparkle like diamonds in the sun, luminous veils and colourful rainbows form. This symphony of light is accompanied by refreshing murmuring, pattering and at times dull crashing, roaring and rumbling - depending on how close we are to the different levels of the waterfall. Every visitor can already get a wonderful impression from the wooden bridge on the hiking trail. And if all you do is look over from Gletscherstrasse, you won’t get the full Grawa Waterfall experience!