Rinnensee - Magischer Platz im Rund der Berge

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Délka trasy
5.39 km
Celkový čas trasy
06:26 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
987 hm
Metry v nadmořské výšce z kopce
77 hm
Nejvyšší bod
2660 hm
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The ascent to the Rinnensee is a wonderful mountain hike. The landscape is constantly changing and surprises with fantastic views of mountains and valleys.
Sometimes it is difficult to describe the character of a place correctly. Regardless of the weather, we always experience a unique, almost mystical atmosphere at Rinnensee! Whether it is because the sun is rising orange-red from the waters of the lake, clouds of mist are sweeping wildly along the peaks of the Alpein mountains or the lake is shimmering in all kinds of colours: when the sun is shining, the wonderful turquoise of the water dominates; when it is in the shade, the lake reflects all the colours of the surrounding mountains and clouds. One of the most beautiful places in the world!

From the car park of the Oberissalm, the trail leads slightly uphill to the valley floor and overcomes a steep step in shallow serpentines. Through the marshy ground of the Alpeinalm, the trail leads comfortably up to the Franz Senn Hut. Here, for the first time, you have a wonderful view of the three-thousand-metre peaks of the Alpeiner mountains. The key section of the ascent is the rocky escarpment just above the hut. Here you need to be sure-footed and careful. After this narrow section, the trail climbs steadily along the mountain flank, always with a magnificent view of the wild mountain world. Shortly before the lake, the trail leads through coarse boulders, where a good path has been painstakingly laid out. At the lake there are wonderful places to rest. Walking time: approx. 3 hours. The Franz Senn hut, the Alpein Alm, Oberissalm and the Almwirtschaft Oberiss invite you to stop for refreshments.