Via Ferrata Elfer Nordwand (north face)

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Doba výstupu
01:00 h
Začátek doby chůze
01:30 h
Doba sestupu pěšky
01:30 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
160 hm
Hladina moře od
1800 hm
Hladina moře Start
2180 hm
Nejvyšší bod
2482 hm
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From the train station Innsbruck are regulary running busses to Neustift.
cesta autem:
From Innsbruck over Brenner-motorway A13 (toll-fee) or on the federal road to exit Stubaital and further on to Neustift in the Stubai valley, to bottom-station Elfebahnen (well-signposted), large parking site.
Parking Elferbergbahnen
1-1,5 hours from mountain station Elferlift and in 25-30 min. along a comfortable serpentine-path to the Elfer hut. Further on in south direction to Elferkofel, until - after 20-25 min. - the access-path to north-face route (sign: „Nordwand-Kletterroute“) branches-off on your right-hand side. On a constantly yellow-signposted path („Gamssteig“) you cross the steep flanks below the Elfer-towers to a mountain-ridge. From here you already have a good view into the distinctive north-gorge. On the diverting, yellow-signposted path (on south-west direction the path leads to „Zwölfernieder-saddle“) straight ahead and always on your left hand side upwards to the start of the belays. Routes and path – course: Please see ascent-view.
1-1,5 hours; Climbing-down the summit face again to mountain-ridge, passing the back-side of a big clamping-block and climbing-down a short way (1+) to a steep chimney. Downwards the chimney (C/2-), crossing a band (A/B) and short two-way ascent to „Elfer-saddle“ (signposted). Now either the north-way back to Elfer hut, or ideally the „Elferkofel via ferrata“ (B to c/2-, crossing) further on to „Zwölfernieder-Scharte“.
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Classic via ferrata route on Neustift's local mountain. The very airy and interesting via ferrata can be ideally combined with the beautiful and and recommendable "Elferkofel-Klettersteig" via ferrata.
Via ferrata through the north-face of the domestic mountain of Neustift, beautiful panorama view over Neustift.

Difficulty: C, one passage D, some short climbing sections 1+.
Times / height differences:
Approach: 1 - 1.5 hrs. / 460 hm.
Via ferrata: 1.5 - 2 h / 220 hm
Descent: 1 - 1.5 h / 680 hm
Starting point: Elferlifte mountain station, 1800 m

Very airy and interesting fixed rope route, which ideally can be connected by the beautiful and advisable “Elferkofel” via ferrata. The track leads upwards in the middle part on the left-hand side of an imposing gorge and finally reaches from the south over the steep summit face the western part of the “Elferturm”. Danger of rock-fall in the area of the gorge-crossing. With security-rope also suitable for children with climbing experience.

Difficulty: Very difficult, mainly C, one stage D, a few short climbing points 1+ and 2-

Danger: In early summer-time partly remaining snow