Scenic nature site: Gschmitz

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Długość trasy
6.53 km
Całkowity czas trwania trasy
02:33 h
Wysokość metry pod górę
308 hm
Metry wysokości w dół
667 hm
Najwyższy punkt
1397 hm
podróż transportem publicznym:
Direct bus to Fulpmes
podróż samochodem:
Direct bus to Fulpmes. There are numerous free parking spaces at the Schlick 2000 valley station.
At the Schlick 2000 valley station are numerous free parking spaces
punkt początkowy:
Schlick 2000 middle station
punkt końcowy:
Schlick 2000 valley station
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The term „Gschmitz“ means as much as mowed strip. It comes from the fact that the otherwise rather thickly wooded parts of the fields “Vergör” and “Pfurtschell” were intermittent by sections of agriculturally used grassland. These meadows resulted out of fire clearing.

However, the predominant larch trees only burned on the outside. For that reason they could cast out the following year what saved their survival up to this day. The oldest larch trees in “Gschmitz” are up to 400 years old. Another explanation for the origin of the term “Gschmitz” may be the craft of forging, which was practiced actively in Fulpmes and still is one of the biggest industrial sectors of the region.

Many of the smiths located in Fulpmes formerly ran a farm for self-supply where they cultivated the fields and meadows at “Gschmitz”.

From the middle station of Schlick 2000 you follow an almost level forest track in the direction of Vergör. After around 30 minutes you turn left into a narrow forest path and follow this until you reach the end of the trees after about 20 minutes more. From here it's only a short walk to Gasthof Vergör, which is an ideal place to take a break with its Tyrolean specialities. You now penetrate deeper into the valley along a forest track which initially climbs quite sharply and then takes you to Gschmitz. After about 30 minutes you reach the idyllic Lärchenwiesen. The platform, which is elevated only a few metres above three hay barns, offers a wonderful panorama across Serles, Elfer, Habicht and into the Pinnistal.
The same track will take you back to Alpengasthof Vergör. From Vergör a forest track takes you gently downhill back to the valley station of Schlick 2000 in around one hour.