Stubai mountain lakes: Schlicker See (Variant 2- descent to Neustift Dorf)

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Długość trasy
12.4 km
Całkowity czas trwania trasy
06:00 h
Wysokość metry pod górę
568 hm
Metry wysokości w dół
1676 hm
Najwyższy punkt
2456 hm
podróż samochodem:
Either travel by car to Fulpmes and from there to the valley station of the Schlick 2000 or by bus to the bus stop "Fulpmes Schlick 2000".
punkt początkowy:
mountain station Schlick 2000
punkt końcowy:
Neustift Village (1.000 m)
najlepsza pora roku:

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Covering roughly 3,900 m², which makes it the smallest of the nine Stubai mountain lakes.
The “Stubaier Höhenweg” trail approaches Lake Schlicker from Starkenburger Hut and continues in the direction of Franz-Senn-Hut. Looking down from the Seejöchl to Lake Schlicker, visitors can clearly make out the boundary between the Kalkkögel dolomites and Ötztal-Stubai crystalline rocks. Here, far-reaching and small-chipped limestone deposits flow effortlessly into the silicate crests, beautifully adorned with luminous green growth. This place, situated on this geological border, is an unparalleled hotspot of plant biodiversity. The lake itself is deeply embedded into the region’s stolid silicate deposits. A closer look reveals a number of marmots living in the gaps between these boulders. Simply by emitting a loud whistle, these animals are able to warn their colonies of any unwanted intruders. The lake’s miniature underwater world is invigorated by the presence of char, which depend on insects for food and therefore remain small even when fully grown.

From the Kreuzjoch mountain station, walk the leisurely ascending panoramic trail towards the Starkenburger Hut. After the Sennjoch Hut, follow the signs to Hoher Burgstall. The path leads up over the ridge, turns right and passes under the south wall of the Niederer Burgstall. Shortly after, the trail branches off to the right towards Schlicker Schartl. From there it is about 15 minutes to the Schlicker See lake. The total walking time to the Schlicker See lake is about 2.5 hours.  The way back follows the Stubaier High Trail in the direction of the Starkenburger hut. Shortly before the hut, turn left and follow the path back to the Sennjoch Hut and from there continue to the top station of the Schlick 2000. The return journey will take approx. 2 hours.

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