Enjoy the view

Let your soul dangle

Escape from everyday life and relax while enjoying the view from three unique points. There are three viewing platforms at the foot of the Serles, each offering a unique view. From the Stubai mountain panorama to the Karwendel. And whether it's a short walk or an extended hike on one of the numerous trails - these three vantage points are definitely worth a stop.

Koppeneck viewing platform

The popular platform can be reached in a few minutes from the mountain station. Those who want to take a short circular hike also pass the platform on the Serlespark circular hiking trail from Koppeneck via the Serles lakes. The wooden construction warmed by the sun invites you to rest and linger. Here you can enjoy a magnificent 360° view of the surrounding mountains.

Viewpoint Karwendelblick

On the way to Europe's highest monastery, Maria Waldrast, you pass the Karwendelblick viewing platform, a quietly located, great viewpoint. You can already see this lookout from the Koppeneck platform. If you want to enjoy the view all the way to the Karwendel, you can reach this vantage point in about 30 minutes.

Serlesblick Viewpoint

If you continue along the path to the Maria Waldrast monastery, you will reach the Serlesblick lookout after about 40 minutes. And its name already reveals the unique view you can look forward to here. This vantage point offers an impressive view of the unspoilt high moor and the Serles.