WildeWasserWeg: (Stage 1) WildeWasserArena - Ruetz Katarakt – Tschangelair Alm – Grawa Wasserfall/Grawa Alm

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Délka trasy
4.23 km
Celkový čas trasy
01:30 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
181 hm
Metry v nadmořské výšce z kopce
54 hm
Nejvyšší bod
1501 hm
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Stage 1: WildeWasserArena - Ruetz Katarakt - Tschangelair Alm - Grawa Wasserfall/Grawa Alm

The hiking trail starts directly at the right bank of Ruetz brook and leads into the valley. The scenery is marked and has been shaped by a succession of avalanches and mudflows and features vegetation that has adjusted to these conditions: berry bushes and birch trees that have been forced down into the valley interspersed with thin lines of spruce trees.

After a bend a clear view of the impressive Grawa waterfall, the heart piece of the WildeWasserWeg Trail is revealed. It is the widest waterfall of the Eastern Alps and a natural monument – no number of superlatives can do justice to the wild beauty of this waterfall. With changing water levels Grawa waterfall changes its appearance decisively.  In late autumn there is only a mere trickle in the right section. In early summer, when the snow is melting and especially after heavy rainfalls the waterfall covers a wide area. You can admire step-like, roaring and spraying cascades and experience the water mist on your skin. In 2013 an artistic platform with wooden loungers was installed at the foot of the waterfall to make it possible to enjoy perfect views and to perfectly take advantage of the health-boosting effects that were verified by the Paracelsus University of Medicine. Already a 1-hour stay at the foot of the waterfall significantly boosts the recovery of the upper respiratory tract.

Tip: The entire first section was designed in such a way that it is also easily accessible for prams and elderly hikers. Wheelchair users will require assistance to use the trail.