Stubai mountain lakes: Alfaier See (Variant 1 - Start car park Zegger Neder)

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Délka trasy
23.14 km
Celkový čas trasy
10:00 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
1419 hm
Metry v nadmořské výšce z kopce
1412 hm
Nejvyšší bod
2393 hm
cesta autem:
The tour starts at the Zegger car park (free for guests with a valid Stubai guest card) in the Neustift district of Neder. The ‘Neustift Neder’ bus stop is located directly next to the parking spaces.
výchozí bod:
Neder (Neustift) - parking space Zegger (970 m)
cílové místo:
Neder (Neustift) - parking space Zegger (970 m)
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At this lake, situated just half an hour‘s walk away from “Innsbrucker Hütte”, sunrise is without a doubt the best time to enjoy this great spectacle of nature. The panoramic mountain view with the summit outline of the “Tribulaune” and the low-lying “Gschnitztal” – all the way through to the Zillertaler Alps in the east – is truly a marvel to behold. In spring, the lake, situated in a cirque basin, is fed by the melted snow and ice of the mighty “Habicht”, one of the peaks of the Seven Summits. Depending on the availability of this melted snow and ice, its water level can fluctuate between eight and twelve metres. The lake’s surrounding area is characterised by a collection of imposing boulders and smoothcut rock slabs. Just like its basin, these glaciers are a testament to the last ice age, when ice covered the Alps a thousand metres thick. Only the highest peaks, such as that of the Habicht, jutted out from the sheer mass of ice. The flora-rich mountain meadows surrounding the lake and cabin have been used by farmers for centuries as grazing grounds for their Tyrolean mountain sheep. The lake’s name is derived from the lower-lying (and very old) Alfair Alm.

From the car park, follow the signposts in the direction of ‘Pinnistal’ and hike in approx. 2½ hours past the Herzeben, Issenanger and Pinnisalm to the Karalm.  Alternatively, for the Neder–Karalm route, a payable shuttle service can also be used (tel.: +43 (0)5226 2877). The Elferbahnen cable car can also be used as an entry point. From the mountain station, follow the path past the sundial directly to the Pinnisalm. From there, follow the forest path into the valley until you reach the Karalm. From the Karalm, a lazy path leads through numerous winding paths to the Innsbrucker Hut in approximately 1.5 hours. From there you follow the Stubai High Trail and reach the Alfaier See after about 30 more minutes. Back to the valley, take the same path.

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