Scenic nature site: Mischbach Wasserfall

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0.8 km
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01:11 h
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192 hm
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192 hm
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00:40 h
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00:30 h
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1313 hm
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Neustift / Gasteig – Bushaltestelle
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Neustift / Gasteig – Bushaltestelle
stav cesty:
Schotterweg - Waldsteig
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Milky white, the Mischbach stream runs up to a rocky edge before plunging almost a hundred metres into the depths in a free fall. As it does so, the water divides into two silken strands that are carried back and forth by the wind like veils and constantly take on new shapes. The Mischbach waterfall, which the locals used to call the Urfall, finally got its name because of the "mixed water" that feeds it. The spring water flowing down the valley from the Glücksgrat mixes with the melt water from the Habichtferner, which reaches up to just below the Habicht. You can get very close to the Mischbach waterfall on a platform built at the foot of the fall.

Tour description:
At the bus stop in Gasteig, cross the road and follow the pavement into the valley until you reach a fountain after about 150 metres. There you turn left and walk along the road for 2 minutes until you reach the Gasteigerhof. At the Gasteigerhof, a dirt road branches off to the right and leads to the foot of the Mischbach waterfall. Before the Mischbach, turn left and after a short while you reach the forest. In the forest, a hiking trail leads in a few steep serpentines to the natural scene of the Mischbach waterfall. There, a wooden platform invites you to linger and admire the waterfall. The entire ascent takes about 40 minutes. The way back is the same.