Chief Pinnis

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Počet multi-pitchů
Výška stěny
125 m
Hladina moře od
1640 hm
Obtížnosti min/max
6+ / 8-
cesta veřejnou dopravou:
From the train station Innsbruck are regularly running busses to Neustift - Neder.
cesta autem:
From the olympic city Innsbruck the Stubai valley is accessible in 20 minutes via Brenner motorway, exit Schönberg, forward to Neustift/Neder. From there either by alm taxi to Karalm or by Elfercableways (Neustift) and over the panorama path to Karalm (2 hrs. walking time from Neder to Karalm). From Karalm to Innsbrucker hut 1,5 hrs walking time.
Parking in the district Neder or at the valley station of the Elfer cable car in Neustift.


New sport climbing route in Pinnistal

Fully drilled, five great rope lengths on steep, rugged rock, good footholds, countless handholds.
Difficulty level 7+/8-