The Stubai High Trail is a "black classified" mountain trail and due to its often narrow and exposed paths, which sometimes have easy climbing passages, is generally not suitable for dogs.
Therefore, every dog owner should decide for himself whether his four-legged friend is up to the demands of this high-altitude trail.

For guests traveling with dogs, the following uniform regulations apply to all eight Alpine Club huts on the Stubai High Trail:

  • Dogs are accepted only after timely advance notification, subject to availability of appropriate accommodation.
  • Per dog and night at least EURO 10,00 will be charged (without food)
  • Dogs are not allowed in the camps/beds or on blankets. A suitable dog blanket must be brought by the guest.
  • The stay of dogs in the guest rooms can be denied at any time.
  • In and around the huts as well as on the entire Stubai High Trail leash is mandatory!
  • We advise against securing the dog directly to the dog owner by means of a harness.

For a harmonious and relaxed coexistence on the huts as well as our paths these regulations are essential and we ask for your understanding!

Your hut hosts from the Stubai High Trail