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The Stubai High Trail

An ascent / descent of 8,000 metres in 8 days


The Stubai High Trail is one of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in the Alps. However, at a length of nearly 100 km and a total ascent / descent of over 8,000 m, the Stubai High Trail is also a real challenge to aspiring mountaineers. Sure-footedness, a good physical condition, a head for heights and the right equipment are the basic requirements to discover the Stubai Valley mountain range at its most beautiful.

The Huts

Get to know the 8 huts of the Stubai High Trail...

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state report

Current information on the state of the stages of the Stubai High Trail on Facebook ...

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The Stages

The various stages of the Stubai High Trail lead through unique landscapes with spectacular views...

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Special information 2018 - renovation Regensburger Hut

In summer of 2018 extensive renovation work will take place at the Neue Regensburger Hütte. The construction of the new building and extensive modernization work will ensure more comfort and safety in the future.
The hut will be open in July and August 2018 despite the construction works. Understandably, restrictions are to be expected. Especially the number of available sleeping places can affect the tour planning on the Stubai High Trail. In case that the hut cannot accommodate you at the Neue Regensburger Hütte, we would recommend the following alternatives:

alternative routes

You don’t need to hike the entire Stubai High Trail in one go. You can also do it in stages. The special feature of the Stubai High Trail is that each hut has a quick access route leading and from the valley.

Thanks to the good network of local buses, you can reach the ascent routes to the individual huts of the High Trail with ease. After the descent, you can conveniently pick up where you left off at a later point using public transportation.

The huts with the best facilities along the High Trail serve food and drinks and provide overnight accommodation. The innkeepers at the huts are also happy to provide information about the next stage, the features of the trail, weather forecasts etc.

The 8 Huts