Via Ferrata Regensburger Hütte

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00:30 h
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02:30 h
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02:00 h
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60 hm
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1250 hm
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2300 hm
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2360 hm
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From Innsbruck main train station direct bus to Falbeson - bus stop Falbeson.
cesta autem:
From the Olympic city of Innsbruck, you get to the Stubai Valley via the Brenner motorway (Europa Bridge). Take the Schönberg exit. A further approx. 12 kilometres from Neustift village to Falbeson.
Paid parking in Falbeson near Klaus Äuele (parking is free for holders of the Stubai guest card, place guest card behind the windshield).
From the car park in Falbeson on the marked hiking trail - past the Falbesoner Ochsenalm (you can go by bike on the forest path up until that point) - up to the Neue Regensburger Hut. Left from the hut towards the lake, but then up to the practice via ferrata (5 vertical metres/30 metres steel cable). From here it goes slightly downhill, then across to the long (105 metres of steel cable) via ferrata. From the hut, it takes max. 10 minutes to get to the start.
From the end of the via on the ridge back to the Neue Regensburger Hut, which you will already be able to see, and from there on the familiar access route into the valley.
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Short, but scenic via ferrata directly at the Neue Regensburger Hut.
Short, but scenic via ferrata directly at the Neue Regensburger Hut. The via ferrata was built as a test piece for the Stubai High Trail hikers - most of whom have via ferrata equipment on them. There is a small training via ferrata at the start. Anyone who masters this without any problems can go on to try the longer via ferrata. And if you combine visiting the Regensburger Hut with climbing the 3,084 metre-high Kreuzspitze (short rope-secured, A/B), you’ll also have bagged yourself another 3000 metre peak!

Explanation of difficulty level:
Traingin via ferrata A/B to C/D, Regensburger Hut via ferrata C/D.

The hiking path to Kreuzspitze starts at the hut. At the end, you come out in a gravel basin under the tiered (A/B) rock face, which is secured by a steel cable at various points. The path from the hut to the summit cross at 3,084 metres is well marked (black mountain trail; 800 vertical metres from the hut, approx. 2 hours up to the summit)