Scenic nature site: Hühnerspiel Round trip 3

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7.16 km
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
1108 hm
Čas do kopce
04:30 h
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2183 hm
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The tour starts at car park power plant Milders at the beginning Oberbergtal. The car park can be reached by turning off in Milders in the direction of the Oberbergtal and following the road for about 300 meters.If travelling by public transport, you go as far as the centre of Milders bus stop and the car park is approx. 10 minutes’ walk from there.
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Milders / Beginning of Oberbergtal / power plant
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Scenic nature site: Hühnerspiel
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Gathering place for black cockerels

High up beneath the Brenner summit, lies an open, overgrown plateau with alpine roses and cranberry bushes. The glistening white Stubai Ice Caves can be seen in the distance. This scenic nature site is, however, the annual gathering place for black cockerels to mate, scuffle and ‘play about’ together. The peak mating season for roosters falls between late March and early June - which runs alongside the start of the hiking season. The roosters begin their courtship displays at dawn, as they try to impress with their posturing and chest thrusts, diverse sounds and exuberant leaps. They always take a break before sunrise, which hunters describe as morning prayer. Sunrise sees the start of the so-called ‘sun courtship’, which, including interludes of scuffling, lasts all day. Hühnerspiel therefore gives a whole new meaning to the concepts of nature and drama.

The starting point is the car park in Milders at the power plant at the beginning of the Oberbertal. The forest path climbs sedately for approx. 1 ½ hours up to Milderaunalm. From there, it is a further 1 ½ hour’s hike to the Hühnerspiel scenic nature site. The climb up runs directly from the mountain pasture to a grassy plateau, namely the Hühnerspiel. A swivelling seat at this natural beauty spot makes it possible to enjoy the panoramic views from every angle. The descent leads you down the same path for around 2 hours, via the Milderaunalm and back to Milders.