Pinnistal: Neder bis zur Innsbrucker Hütte

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Délka trasy
10.01 km
Celkový čas trasy
09:53 h
Nadmořská výška metry do kopce
1495 hm
Metry v nadmořské výšce z kopce
125 hm
Nejvyšší bod
2370 hm
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Medium-difficulty hike through the wild and romantic Pinnistal, the geology of the rear Pinnistal has unique features: Impressively, two different rock forms meet.
On the left, we see the mighty limestone reefs in rugged, horizontally layered wall alignments. The chasms of the Kirchdachspitze are 600 metres high, and the Ilmspitzen further back, with their jagged pillars and vertical walls, are reminiscent of the Three Peaks of the Dolomites. Hundreds of metres of light-grey scree slopes down to the valley floor. Behind the Karalm, we can experience the step into the primeval rock like a leap into another world. Beneath the mighty north-eastern flank of the Habichts, lush life virtually flows down into the valley: Dense shrubbery with alpine rose bushes, mossy soils, lush green birch trees. Small streams run down from the mountain in thin strands.

The hike leads from Neder on the gravel road, initially straight through the narrow valley incision and then relatively steeply uphill next to the Pinnisbach stream. But the excursion to the romantic alpine pastures of Herzeben (not managed) and Issenanger alone are worth the trip, walking time 1 hour. From here the valley floor becomes wonderfully flat and leads through a dreamlike high valley to the Pinnisalm (1.5 hours) and on to the Karalm (2 hours). Sporty hikers should definitely continue to the Innsbrucker Hütte - up here we can see the geological view even more clearly. The moderately difficult trail to the Innsbrucker Hütte leads steadily uphill for another 1-1.5 hour(s). The short hike to the nearby mountain lake is also recommended. The entire hike from Neder to the Innsbrucker Hütte takes about 4.5 hours (9.5 km). The Issenangeralm, Pinnisalm, Karalm and Innsbrucker Hütte invite you to stop for refreshments. Alternatively, the ascent is possible with the Elferbahn cable car and via the Panorama Trail to the Karalm or Pinnisalm.

Tip: As an alternative to the steep road above Neder, we recommend the ascent via the "Besinnungsweg".