Miederer Bad'l

Plaatsen: Mieders
Infrastruktur | Schwimmbad

Open vanaf eind mei, dagelijks van 10:00 tot 19:00 (behalve als het regent)

INFO: https://www.facebook.com/schwimmbadmieders/

In the 19th century Mieders became a popular summer fishing village due to the mineral bath.
With the construction of the Miederer swimming pool 1927 this tradition was continued.

The wooden bath was extensively renovated in 1999/2000. The wooden structure was restored to its original state, the concrete swimming pool replaced by an aluminum pool, a children's pool and a buffet were built.

The money donors for this outstanding action was not threatened with purgatory, unlike during the construction period of 1927, but pastor August Pühringer gave all his blessing at the reopening.


Miederer Bad'l
6142 Mieders, AT

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