International football tournament for the age group U10

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Chairman Cup Stubai 2024

This is an international children's football tournament for the U10 age group. There will be 48 teams taking part, including RB Salzburg, Partizan Belgrade,.... but we are also thinking of the Tyrolean teams and will have at least 5-6 of them playing. There will also be a qualifying tournament for Tyrol in Fritzens. Here we play with 32 Tyrolean teams. We are very proud of this as they come from all regions of Tyrol and there is no other format like this in Tyrol. In addition, we also want to set up another tournament series, the Chairman Tirol Cup, to offer all other age groups in Tyrol a great tournament. Axams will kick things off with an U11 tournament on 16.06.2024. We will also play this with 32 teams and the majority of them will of course come from Tyrol (min. 25 teams). Translated with (free version)

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