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Stage 3


The first long descent of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL of just about 1,300 metres of elevation is done, now its time to climb more or less the same distance back uphill again. From Milders, the ascent resumes up to the Milderaunalm at 1,675 metres above sea level and, from there, via the “Ring” to the Neue Regensburgerhütte (2,286 m). This section offers everything that the trail runner’s heart desires: Challenging trails with root-strewn paths, through forests and across rocks. Trails that wind through the spectacular landscape at altitudes between 1,800 and 2,300 metres, with views of the glaciers at the end of Stubaital. The next aid station awaits you at the Neue Regensburger Hütte (2,286 m). This also marks an additional turning point in the course of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL run. And now it’s back down again. The second long descent, of almost exactly 1,000 metres of altitude, runs through the “Falbesoner Ochsenalm” to the “Waldcafe” at the bottom of Stubaital. Following a leisurely ascent, one of the highlights of the trail begins with the Wild Water Path. You follow the stream along a gravel path, past roaring waters, and up to the Grawa waterfall, the widest waterfall in the Eastern Alps. The last stage begins just one and a half kilometres further, at the valley station in Mutterberg, and it is going to be hard work again, draining the last reserves of the runners – the final ascent of the Stubai Glacier.

Klaus Äuele
Grawa Wasserfall