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The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Under the slogan “urban2glacier”, the goal is to run more than 60 kilometres from the Tyrolean Olympic city of Innsbruck  to the Stubai glacier 3,150 metres above sea level  – from the bustling city to endless ice. The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL – urban2glacier provides unrivalled adventure, connecting an urban feeling with maximum physical performance in a spectacular natural landscape. 6,027 metres of ascent and 3,464 metres of descent must be overcome. The start is at the Landestheater forecourt in Innsbruck and continues over diverse trails to the end of the glacier valley, where the spectacular final ascent over snow and ice to the “Jochdohle” (3,150 m) awaits.

STUBAI 35K – neustift2glacier

The STUBAI 35K trail is a unique chance for runners to tackle the route from Neustift to the Stubai glacier - from the valley to the eternal ice at 3,150 m.a.s.l. – in one day. Starting off with the “Franz-Senn-Weg” path the trail then leads into the final ascent to the Stubai glacier. Next to 35.1 kilometres in total length the runners also have to cope with 3,808 metres in ascent and 1.668 metres in descent along the way till they finally reach the finish line at the Jochdohle.


The STUBAI 19K is a trail running route with a total distance of 18.6 kilometres and an elevation of 1,998 metres with views of stunningly beautiful landscapes. It begins in Klaus Äuele, near Falbeson, and very soon the Wild Water Path provides the first highlight of the trail. Participants reach the finishing line up on the "Jochdohle" (3,150 m) on the Stubai Glacier, following a spectacular ascent over snow and ice.

Stubai 8K - Mutterberg2glacier

The STUBAI 8K trail is a pure mountain run. The route takes place along the last stage of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL. The route begins at the valley station for the Stubai Glacier cable car in Mutterberg and takes in steep hairpin bends, goes past the Dresdner Hütte, over rock, fields of snow and ice, up to a height of 3,150 metres to the goal, the Jochdohle mountain restaurant. All in all, a total distance of 8.0 kilometres, and a challenging elevation of 1,394 metres have to be mastered.